List of publications (subject)

- Materials and superconductivity

- Symmetry of the order parameter

- Normal state properties of thin films

- Vortex state properties :

  - Superconducting transport properties. Scaling laws
  - Correlated defects and structures
  - Vortex dynamics

- Spin glass magnetism



Materials and superconductivity


Structural and electronic properties of electron-doped Sr1-xLaxCuO2 epitaxial thin films grown by sputtering
Zhi Zhong Li, Iulian Matei, Hélène Raffy, Physica C (to appear)

Upper critical field from normal state fluctuations in Bi$_2$Sr$_2$CuO$_{6+\delta}$
F. Bouquet, L. Fruchter, I. Sfar, Z.Z. Li and H. Raffy
cond-mat/0512093 - Phys. Rev. B 74, 064513 (2006)

Doping effect on pairing symmetry in cuprate superconductors
C.C. Tsuei, J. R. Kirtley, G. Hammerl, J. Mannhart, H. Raffy and Z.Z. Li , J Phys. Chem. Solids, 67, Issues 1-3, 64-67 , (2006)

Non dispersive Fermi Arcs and the Absence of Charge Ordering in the Pseudogap Phase of Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+d
U. Chatterjee., M.. Shi, A. Kaminski, A. Kanigel, H.M. Fretwell., K. Terashima., T. Takahashi., S. Rosenkranz, Z.Z. Li., H. Raffy, A. Santander-Syro., K. Kadowaki , M. Norman , M. Randeria , and J.C. Campuzano J. C. , Phys. Rev. Letters 96, 107006, (2006) and cond-mat/ 0505296

Interplay of doping and structural modulation in superconducting Bi_2Sr_{2-x}La_xCuO_{6+d} thin films
Z. Z. Li, H. Raffy, S. Bals, G. van Tendeloo, S. Megtert
Phys. Rev. B 71, 174503 (2005)

Effects of the doping and the number of planes on the shadow bands of Bi-based cuprates
M. Izquierdo, L. Roca., J.Avila., G.Gu., Z.Z.Li, H. Raffy, and M.C.Asensio, Eur. Phys. J. B 46, 309–314, (2005)

Current dependent fluctuations in a Bi$_2$Sr$_2$CuO$_{6+\delta}$ thin film
I. Sfar, Z.Z. Li, F. Bouquet, H. Raffy and L. Fruchter
Eur. Phys. J. B 46, 215 (2005), cond-mat/0505271

Non linear excess conductivity of Bi_2Sr_2Ca_{n-1}Cu_nO_{2n+4+x} (n=1,2), thin films.
L. Fruchter, I. Sfar, F. Bouquet, Z.Z. Li and H. raffy,
Phys. Rev. B 69, 144511 (2004), cond-mat/0310013

Un supraconducteur conventionnel à haute température critique
La Lettre de l'Académie des Sciences, n°2, 14 (2001)

Evolution of the resistivity of single layer Bi_2Sr_1.6La_0.4Cu0y thin films with doping and phase diagram.
Z. Konstantinovic, Z.Z. Li and H. Raffy,
Physica C 351, 163 (2001)

Penetration depth, superconducting transition temperature and quenching of kappa -(BEDT-TTF)/sub 2/Cu[N(CN)/sub 2/]Br
Aburto-A; Fruchter-L; Pasquier-C,
Physica-C. 303, 185 (1998)

Superconductivity, X-ray structure and non-stoichiometry of HgBa/sub 2/CuO/sub 4+ delta /.
Viallet-V; Bertinotti-A; Marucco-J-F; Colson-D; Fruchter-L; Le-Bras-G; Vulcanescu-V; Hammann-J
Physica-C. vol.282-287, 1073 (1997)

Single crystals of mercury based cuprates: growth, structure and physical properties.
Bertinotti-A; Colson-D; Marucco-J.F; Viallet-V; Le Bras-G; Fruchter-L; Marcenat-C.; Hammann-J
Studies of high temperature superconductors vol.23, chap. 2, Nova Science Pub. (1997)

Magnetization and anisotropy of a HgBa/sub 2/Ca/sub 2/Cu/sub 3/O/sub 8+ delta / single crystal.
Vulcanescu-V; Fruchter-L; Bertinotti-A; Colson-D; Le-Bras-G; Marucco-JF
Physica-C. vol.259, 131 (1996)

Magnetization and H/sub c2/ of a kappa -(BEDT-TTF)/sub 2/Cu[N(CN)/sub 2/]Br single crystal.
Vulcanescu-V; Janossy-B; Batail-P; Fruchter-L
Physical-Review-B vol.53, 2590 (1996)

Superconducting properties and anisotropy of a HgBa2CuO4+ 8 single crystal
G. Le Bras, L. Fruchter, V. Vulcanescu , V. Viallet and A. Bertinotti
Physica C 271, 205 (1996)

High-field fluctuations of a kappa -(BEDT-TTF)/sub 2/Cu(N(CN)/sub 2/)Br single crystal.
Vulcanescu-V; Lenoir-C; Batail-P; Fruchter-L
Physical-Review-B-(Condensed-Matter). vol.52, 471 (1995)



Symmetry of the order parameter


Robust dx^2-y^2 pairing symmetry in high-temperature superconductors
C.C. Tsuei, J.R. Kirtley, G. Hammerl, J. Mannhart, H. Raffy, and Z.Z. Li
Phys. Rev. Lett. 93, 187004, 2004, cond-mat/ 0402655

Pairing symmetry in Bi2Sr2Ca1Cu2O8+x
C.W.Schneider, W.K.Neils, H.Bielefeldt, G.Hammerl, A.Schmehl, H.Raffy, Z.Z.Li, S.Oh, J.N.Eckstein, D.J.Van Harlingen and J.Mannhart,
Europhys.Lett.,64 (4),pp.489 –495 (2003)

Pure dx2-y2 order-parameter symmetry in the tetragonal superconductor Tl2Ba2CuO6+d.
C.C. Tsuei, J.R. Kirtley, Z.F. Ren, J.H. Wang, H. Raffy & Z.Z.Li,
Nature(London), 387, pp 481, 1997

Half-integer flux quantum effect in tricrystal Bi2Sr2CaCu2O (8+delta).
J. R. Kirtley , C. C. Tsuei , H. Raffy , Z. Z. Li , A. Gupta , J. Z. Sun and S. Megtert,
Europhys. Lett, 36 (9), pp. 707 (1996)

Scanning SQUID microscope tests of the symmetry of the high-Tc gap.
J.R. Kirtley,C.C. Tsuei, K.A. Moler, J.Z.Sun, A.Gupta, Z.F.Ren, J.H.Wang, Z.Z. Li, H. Raffy, J. Mannhart, H. Hilgenkamp, B. Mayer, and Ch. Gerber,
Proceedings of the 21st International Conference on Low Temperature Physics, August 8-14, 1996



Normal state properties of thin films


Resistance noise in Bi$_2$Sr$_2$CaCu$_2$O$_{8+\delta}$
L. Fruchter, H. Raffy and Z.Z. Li, arXiv:0708.0117v1

c-Axis resistivity of Bi2Sr2CaCu2Oy thin films at various oxygen doping: phase diagram and scaling law
H. Raffy, V. Toma, C. Murrills, ZZ. Li , Physica C (to appear)

Contribution of Disorder to the Hall Effect in Bi$_2$Sr$_2$CuO$_{6+\delta}$
L. Fruchter, H. Raffy, F. Bouquet, Z.Z. Li
cond-mat/0611184, to appear in PRB, Brief Com. (2007)

The change of Fermi surface topology in Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8 with doping
A. Kaminski, S. Rosenkranz, H. M. Fretwell, M. R. Norman, M. Randeria, J. C. Campuzano, J-M. Park, Z. Z. Li, H. Raffy, Phys. Rev. B 73, 174511 , 2006 and cond-mat/0507106

From Fermi Arcs to the Nodal Metal: Scaling of the Pseudogap with Doping and Temperature,
A. Kanigel, M. R. Norman, M. Randeria, U. Chatterjee, S. Suoma, A. Kaminski, H. M. Fretwell, S. Rosenkranz, M. Shi, T. Sato, T. Takahashi, Z. Z. Li, H. Raffy, K. Kadowaki, D. Hinks, L. Ozyuzer, J. C. Campuzano, Nature Physics 2 , 447, (July 2006) and Cond-mat/0605499

Novel effects observed in heavy ion irradiated Bi2Sr2-xLaxCuOy thin films
H. Raffy, C. Murrills, A. Pomar, and Z.Z. Li
Ann. Phys.(Leipzig) 13, 97, 2004.

The in-plane electrodynamics of the superconductivity in Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+d: energy scales and spectral weight distribution
A.F. Santander-Syro, R.P.S.H. Lobo, N. Bontemps, W. Lopera, D. Girata, Z. Konstantinovic, Z.Z. Li, H. Raffy,
Phys.Rev. B , 70, 134504, 2004, cond-mat/ 0405264.

Identifying the Background Signal in ARPES of High Temperature Superconductors
A. Kaminski, S. Rosenkranz, H.M. Fretwell, J. Mesot, M. Randeria, J.C. Campuzano,
M.R. Norman, Z.Z. Li, H. Raffy, T. Sato, T. Takahashi and K. Kadowaki,
Phys.Rev. B 69, 212509, 2004 and cond-mat/ 0311451.

Momentum anisotropy of the scattering rate in cuprate superconductors
A. Kaminski, H. M. Fretwell, M.R. Norman, M. Randeria, S. Rosenkranz, J.C. Campuzano, J. Mesot, T. Takahashi,
M. Takano, K. Kadowaki, Z.Z. Li and H. Raffy
Phys.Rev. B 71, 014517, 2005, cond-mat/ 0404385

Pairing in cuprates from high energy electronic states
A. F. Santander-Syro, R. P. S. M. Lobo, N. Bontemps, Z. Konstantinovic, Z. Li, and H. Raffy
Europhys. Lett., 62 (4), 568-574, 2003

Crossover from Coherent to Incoherent Electronic Excitations in the Normal State of Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8 +d
A. Kaminski, S. Rosenkranz, H. M. Fretwell, Z. Z. Li, H. Raffy, M. Randeria, M. R. Norman, and J. C. Campuzano,
Phys.Rev.Letters, 90, 207003, 2003

Failure of the empirical OCT law in the Bi2Sr2CuO6+d compound
Z. Konstantinovic, G. Le Bras, A. Forget, D. Colson, F. Jean, G. Collin, Z.Z. Li, H.Raffy, and C. Ayache,
Europhys. Lett., 62(2), 257-263, 2003

Spontaneous breaking of time-reversal symmetry in the pseudogap state of a high-Tc superconductor
A. Kaminski, S. Rosenkranz, H. M. Fretwell, J. C. Campuzano, Z.Z. Li, H. Raffy, W. G. Cullen, H. You, C. G. Olson , C. M. Varma, H.Höchst,
Nature , volume 416, 610, 2002.

Absence of a Loss of In-Plane Infrared Spectral Weight in the Pseudogap Regime of Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+d
A. F. Santander-Syro, R. P. S. M. Lobo, N. Bontemps, Z. Konstantinovic, Z. Li, and H. Raffy,
Phys. Rev. Lett. 88, 097005 (2002).

Influence du dopage sur les propriétés de transport à l'état normal de couches minces de Bi2212 - Bi2201. Effet de pseudo gap.
Z. Konstantinovic, thesis (2000)

Temperature dependence of the Hall effect in single layer and bilayer Bi2Sr2Can-1CunOy thin films at various oxygen contents.
Z. Konstantinovic, Z.Z. Li, H. Raffy,
Phys Rev. B 62, R11989-11992 (2000)

Normal State Transport Properties of Single- and Double-Layered Bi2Sr2Can-1CunOy Thin Films and the Pseudogap Effect.
Z. Konstantinovic, Z.Z. Li and H. Raffy,
Physica C 341-348, 859 (2000).

Infrared reflectivity spectra of underdoped and optimally doped Bi2SrCaCu2O8+d thin films.
A.F Santander-Syro, R.P.S.M. Lobo, Z. Konstantinovic, Z.Z. Li, H. Raffy and N. Bontemps,
Physica C 341-348, 915 (2000).

Influence of oxygen doping. Electronic Spectra and Their Relation to the (pi,pi) Collective Mode in High-Tc Superconductors
J. C. Campuzano, H. Ding, M. R. Norman, H. M. Fretwell, M. Randeria, A. Kaminski, J. Mesot, T.Takeuchi, T. Sato, T. Yokoya, T. Takahashi, T. Mochiku, K. Kadowaki, P. Guptasarma, D. G. Hinks, Z.Konstantinovic, Z. Z. Li, and H. Raffy, Phys.Rev.Letters 83,3709-3712 (1999).

Temperature dependence of the resistivity of oxygen controlled Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+d thin films:pseudogap effect.
Z. Konstantinovic, Z.Z. Li, H. Raffy,
Physica B 259-261, 567 (1999).

Normal State magnetoresistance in Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+d thin films with different oxygen contents.
Z. Konstantinovic, O. Laborde, P. Monceau, Z.Z. Li, H. Raffy,
Physica B 259-261, 569 (1999).



Vortex state properties



Superconducting transport properties. Scaling laws


Magnetic Field dependence of the critical currents in Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8/Bi2Sr2CuO6 Multilayers: An Approach to an Ideal Two Dimensional Superconductor.
S. Labdi, S.F. Kim, Z.Z. Li, S. Megtert, and H. Raffy, O. Laborde and P. Monceau,
Phys. Rev. Letters 79, 1381 (1997)

Scaling laws Scaling Properties of the Anisotropic Magnetoresistivity of Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8 Thin Films below Tc.
H. Raffy, S. Labdi, O. Laborde and P. Monceau,
Phys. Rev. Letters 66, 2515, (1991).

Scaling of the mixed state magnetoresistance of high-Tc superconductors in terms of two-dimensional superconducting fluctuations.
H. Raffy, S. Labdi, O. Laborde and P. Monceau,
Physica C184, 159, 1991



Correlated defects and structures


Anisotropy and vortex behaviour in BiSrCaCuO thin films and multilayers probed by columnar pinning centers,
H. Raffy, C. D. Murrills, A. Pomar, G. Stiufiuc, R. Stiufiuc, and Z. Z. Li, Physica Status Solidi. (a) 203, 2938, (2006)

Thermodynamics of the vortex liquid in heavy ion-irradiated superconductors
Cornelis J. van der Beek, Marcin Konczykowski, Luc Fruchter, René Brusetti, Thierry Klein, Jacques Marcus, Christophe Marcenat
Cond-mat/0504100 - Phys. Rev. B 72, 214504 (2005)

Vortex pinning by columnar defects in Bi2 Sr2 CuOy thin films: A detailed study of the directional effect.
A. Pomar, L. Martel, Z. Z. Li, and H. Raffy,
Phys. Rev. B 63, 134525 (2001)

Reentrant pinning effect in the vortex liquid phase of a quasi- two- dimensional Bi2Sr2Cu2O8/Bi2Sr2CuO6 multilayer with columnar defects.
A. Pomar, L. Martel, Z.Z. Li, O. Laborde, and H. Raffy,
Phys. Rev. B, Rapid Comm., 63, 020504-1to4, 2001

Evidence for an angular-dependent contribution from columnar defects to the equilibrium magnetization of YBa/sub 2/Cu/sub 3/O/sub 7- delta /.
Hayani-B; Johnson-ST; Fruchter-L; van-der-Beek-CJ
Physical Review B 61, 717 (2000)

Pinning properties and anisotropy. Interplay of Self-Doping and Disorder in Epitaxial Bi2Sr2Can-1CunO2n+4+x (n=1, 2) Thin Films under Heavy-Ion Irradiation.
A. Pomar, Z. Konstantinovic, L.Martel, Z.Z. Li, and H. Raffy,
Phys. Rev. Letters 85, 2809-2812, (2000).

Pinning Effect of Columnar Defects as a Probe of Anisotropy of Bi2Sr2Can-1CunO2n+1 thin Films.
L. Martel, A. Pomar, Z.Z. Li, and H. Raffy,
Physica C 341-348, 1297 (2000)

Field -induced pinning in the vortex liquid phase of heavy-ion irradiated Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8 thin films and multilayers.
A. Pomar, L. Martel, Z.Z. Li, and H. Raffy,
Physica C 341-348, pp 1355 (2000)

Evidence of two-dimensional Josephson strings in high-purity YBa$"" sub 2_Cu$"" sub3_O$"" sub { 7 - delta }_ single crystals.
K. Deligiannis; S. Kokkaliaris; M. Oussena; P. A. J. de Groot; L. Fruchter; R. Gagnon and L. Taillefer
Physical Review B 59 (1999) 14772

Locked-unlocked transition of the flux-line-lattice configuration for a (La/sub 1-x/Sr/sub x/)/sub 2/CuO/sub 4/(x=0.075) single crystal with a small demagnetizing factor.
Vulcanescu-V; Collin-G; Kojima-H; Tanaka-I; Fruchter-L
Physical-Review-B vol.50, 4139 (1994)


Mixed state, Vortex dynamics


Observation of interacting crossing vortex lattices in Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+d thin films
A.Crisan., S. J. Bending., S. Popa, Z.Z. Li., and H. Raffy., Phys. Rev. B 72, 214509, (2005)

Fluxoid dynamics in superconducting thin films rings
J.R Kirtley, C.C. Tsuei, V. G. Kogan, J. R. Clem, H. Raffy, Z.Z. Li,
Phys. Rev. B 68, 214505, 2003 and cond-mat /0302415v2

Continuous melting of a driven two-dimensional flux lattice with strong pins
L. Fruchter,
Eur. Phys. J. B 34, 173 (2003), cond-mat/0304523

Anomalous dissipation in the mixed state of underdoped cuprates close to the superconductor-insulator boundary
C. Capan and K. Behnia, Z. Z. Li and H. Raffy, C. Marin,
Phys. Rev. B 67, 100507(R) (2003)

Transition to plastic motion as a critical phenomenon and anomalous interface layer of a 2D driven vortex lattice.
L. Fruchter,
Eur. Phys. J. B 25, 313 (2002), cond-mat/0109423

Metastable states of a driven flux lattice in a superconductor with strong pins.
L. Fruchter,
Physica C 370, 157 (2002), cond-mat/0103027

Fluid and plastic flow dynamics of the critical state for a strongly pinned 2D superconductor.
D. Monier, L. Fruchter,
Eur. Phys. J. B 17, 201 (2000), cond-mat/0006340

Magnetothermal instabilities in an organic superconductor.
D. Monier, L. Fruchter,
Eur. Phys. J. B, 3, 143 (1998)

Thermal-to-quantum crossover of the flux-line dynamics in Bi/sub 2/Sr/sub 2/CaCu/sub 2/O/sub 8/.
Monier-D; Fruchter-L
Physical-Review-B-(Condensed-Matter). vol.58, no.14; 1 Oct. 1998; p.R8917-20 (1998)

Flux line pinning in the organic superconductor kappa -(BEDT-TTF)/sub 2/Cu[N(CN)/sub 2/]Br.
Aburto-A; Fruchter-L
Physica-C. vol.271, 214 (1996)



Spin glass magnetism


Ordering in Heisenberg Spin Glasses
D. Petit, L. Fruchter, I. A. Campbell,
Phys. Rev. Lett. 88, 207206 (2002)

Nature de la phase basse température des verres de spins Heisenberg en dimension trois.
Dorothée Petit,
Thèse - Direction Ian Campbell (2001).

Ordering In A Spin Glass under Applied Magnetic Field.
Dorothée Petit, L. Fruchter, I. A. Campbell,
Phys. Rev. Lett. 83, 5130 (1999)

Etude expérimentale de la relaxation des moments magnétiques dans un verre de spin Ising
Fatih Gulener,
Thèse - Direction Ian Campbell (2001)