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Archives 2007

Mesoscopic Physics of Electrons and Photons

Eric Akkermans and Gilles Montambaux - Cambridge 2007

This book is the English version of « physique mésoscopique des électrons et des photons », published on 2004, by EDPSciences.

Polymerization of fullerenes inside carbon nanotubes

Confinement inside carbon nanotubes affects the chemistry of inserted fullerenes.

Carbon nanotube based composites: X-ray scattering at the micrometer scale

Homogeneity in nanotube alignment is analysed at the micrometer scale.

Towards New Nanometer-scale Rewritable Media

A C.N.R.S. patent corresponding to this new high-density data storage opportunity has been established.

Silver colour

The colour of nanoparticles depends on their size and their shape.

In Magnetism, an eddy can be switched by a stream

Spin transfer in a homogeneous magnetization distribution

A candidate for a novel "spin liquid" state of matter

In a triangular geometry, what happens when a magnetic moment receives contradictory information from its neighbours?

First experimental results obtained to synchrotron SOLEIL

Real-scale test on DIFFABS: Kidney stone study





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