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New electronic states of matter

The existence of strong correlations between electrons induces novel and unexpected states in solids, such as high temperature superconductivity, charge or spin orderings, quantum hall effects or spin liquids. A central activity in Laboratoire de Physique des Solides is devoted to studies of these novel states, both from an experimental and a theoretical point of vue.

a magnet in levitation above a superconductor
Spins frustrés
frustrated spins exhibiting a zero energy mode
Conducteur moléculaire
a one-dimensional molecular conductor

Scientific Teams :
- rubrique 148
- Electronic Correlations and High Pressures
- rubrique 156
- Spectroscopies of quantum materials
- Artificial structures and self-organisation
- Superconductivity
- Theory
- Theory 2

Research topics :
Experimental techniques and materials :
- low dimension conductors
- superconductivity
- spin liquids and geometric frustration
- strongly correlated fermions
- charge and spin orders
- Quantum Hall effects
- ultra-cold atomic gaz
- Kondo effect and heavy fermions
- nonvolatile memories
- high pressure
- transport measurements (resistivity, hall effect...)
- magnetic measurements (squid, torque...)
- Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)
- Muon Spin Resonance (muSR)
- photoemission
- X-ray
- low temperatures
- thin films
- material synthesys and chemistry
- Dynamical Mean Field Theories

- oxydes with novel properties

- oganic conductors

- fullerides

- cuprates superconductors

- cobaltites


Recent publications :


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