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Séminaire Falko Ziebert

Thin polymer films : dewetting with internal degrees of freedom and simple view on debonding

Falko Ziebert

UMR CNRS Gulliver 7083, ESPCI, Paris

We present recent theoretical results for two classical experiments on thin polymer films.

The dewetting dynamics of ultrathin polymer films, e.g. in the model system of PS on a PDMS-covered substrate, exhibits interesting behavior like a fast decay of the dewetting velocity and a maximum in the width of the built-up rim in the course of time [1,2]. We present and discuss two (depending on molecular weight) possible mechanisms for this behavior : relaxation of residual stress [2,3] stemming from sample preparation, and a roughening of the polymer-polymer interface in the course of the dewetting process [4].

In the second part, we give a simple scaling description of the fingering instability that occurs when an adhesive tape (a thin elastomer film firmly attached to a flexible plate) is peeled off a substrate [5].

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