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Time-resolved detection of spin-wave Doppler shift

Keisuke Yamada - Institute for Chemical Research, Kyoto University, Kyoto 611-0011, Japan

Spin transfer torque is considered to be a promising tool for spintronics devices, promoting intense studies upon the effect in inhomogeneous magnetization distributions. For instance, we can now control a magnetization switching in the spin valve and a domain-wall motion in ferromagnetic wire, a vortex core switching. Recently, the pioneering experiment has been reported that the spin transfer torque can modify a spin wave propagation in magnetic materials [V. Vlaminck et al, Science 322, 410 (2008).], showing further possibilities to investigate a detail mechanism of spin transfer torque. In this work, we report a time-resolved detection of the current-induced spin wave Doppler shift, which can help the better understanding of spin transfer effect upon the propagating spin wave.


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