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Novel Physics on the kagome network

January 18-20, 2010





The unprecedented recent burst in materials synthesis of quantum and classical kagome networks, which has served as the ideal playground for geometrically frustrated antiferromagnets, has been rapidly followed by a vast panel of experimental investigations and has triggered novel theoretical scenarios and a critical reinvestigation of older ones. Although the gap between theories and experiments is presently closing, more than 30 years after the seminal ideas of P.W. Anderson, there are still many open issues about the nature of the ground state and the ways to probe it.


In this focused ESF-HFM workshop we aim at gathering most of the actors in the field and covering the various facets of the recent work from bulk and artificial materials to theory. Many slots will be open for discussions between the various people active in this field.


Dates & Location :

The workshop is scheduled for 2.5 days starting on the morning of monday 18th january and ending after lunch time on wednesday 20st january 2010.
The workshop will take place at the Laboratoire de Physique des Solides. The laboratory is located on the campus of the University Paris-Sud at Orsay, approximately 25 km in the south-west of Paris.


Scientific Committee :


  • F. Bert, LPS (Orsay)
  • Ph. Mendels, LPS (Orsay)
  • G. Misguich, IPhT (Cea Saclay)
  • A. S. Wills, University College London