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Thalia Deniozou - Fritz-Haber-Institute of the Max-Planck-Society, Berlin, Germany

Surface and electronic structure studies of complex metallic alloys by photoelectron spectroscopy

Complex metallic alloys have recently attracted considerable attention in view of their unusual physical properties which makes them interesting from a technological point of view. From a fundamental point of view, complex metallic alloys are also of great interest since they bridge the gap between normal, i.e. translationally periodic solids and the quasicrystals who have perfect atomic order yet lack periodicity. Their unit cells are very large, containing hundreds to thousands of atoms. A further point of interest lies in the use of complex metallic alloys as templates for the growth of simple metals in order to obtain pseudomorphic films. I will give an overview of the work done during my post-doc concentrating on investigations of the electronic properties and the surface structure of complex metallic alloys by means of photoelectron spectroscopy and surface science methods. The systems considered are mainly the so-called t-phase approximants of the quasicrystalline Al-based alloys. The possibility to grow Complex metallic alloys as surface alloys is furthermore examined. The research of these alloys is expected in the long term to provide a new perspective into hitherto not fully resolved questions about the physical properties of quasicrystals.


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