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Spin-motive-forces, spintronics and spin batteries

Stewart E. Barnes, University of Miami

The existence of spin-motive-forces (smf) reflects the energy conservation requirements of the spin-torque-transfer (stt) process rather than being the inverse of that process [1]. An smf leads to an electro-motive-forces (emf) when it acts on a spin polarised medium such as a ferromagnet, however it reflects forces which act upon the magnetic moment rather than the charge of an electron. Some notions of the theory of the smf will be presented. The "spin-battery-effect", that is the direct conversion of magnetic into electrical energy via the stt process, has been demonstrated by Hai et al in tunnel junctions [2] which contain nano-magents subject to a Coulomb blockade. This and other manifestations of smfs will be discussed.


[1] S. E. Barnes and S. Maekawa Phys. Rev. Lett. 98, 246601 (2007)

[2] Pham Nam Hai, Shinobu Ohya, Masaaki Tanaka, Stewart E. Barnes and Sadamichi Maekawa, Nature 458, 489-492, (2009)


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