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Séminaire Daniela Berger et Cristian Matei

Soft chemistry synthesis of inorganic nanoparticles-based materials with controlled morphology

Daniela Berger et Cristian Matei

Département de chimie inorganique
Université Polytechnique de Bucarest, Roumanie

The scientists focus efforts to develop new physical and chemical synthesis techniques to control strictly the structural and morphological features and so, to ensure desired physical and chemical properties of the functional nanomaterials for using them in a certain field of science.

The talk will give an overview of our developments in liquid phase synthesis of inorganic nanoparticles-based materials like functional metal oxide, monometallic and bimetallic particles, fluorescent sulfides, as well as oxide – biopolymer hybrid materials. We have approached many soft chemistry routes like template-assisted coprecipitation or sol-gel method, solution combustion, reverse microemulsions, hydrothermal method and polyol reduction.

For each mentioned soft chemistry route we will discuss the influence of reaction parameters on the nanoparticles morphology and properties function of their applications.