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Ping-Hui Lin - EPFL Lausanne

Electronic Structure of Iron-Chalcogenide Superconductors observed by Angle Resolved Phtoemission Spectroscopy

Iron-chalcogenide is a special category in the iron-based superconductors. The crystal structure of members of this family is built up only with FeCh layers and the dopant atoms are usually isovalent. Recently, iron-chacogenides have attracted a lot of attention. Compared to iron-pnictides, 11-type compounds have a relatively simpler crystal structure, a less toxic crystal growth process and the possibility of growing large single crystals. Such properties make iron-chalcogenide an ideal candidate to be studied by ARPES.


We investigate the normal state electronic structure of superconducting Fe1+yTe1-xSex by angle-resolved photoemission. A broad ARPES survey in momentum space reveals two inequivalent Fermi contours at nominally equivalent Gamma points in different Brillouin zones. The observed periodicity corresponds to a unit cell containing only one Fe atom, rather than the standard tetragonal unit cell containing two Fe atoms. We also observe a strong and selective suppression of spectral weight around the corner of the Brillouin zone.


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