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Polyphasic food systems : the science of making good expresso coffee

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Coffee is consumed by a large proportions of the human population (about 70-80%). The extraction methods for coffee beverage preparation vary significantly on a geographical basis. In general, coffee beverages range from true solutions (e.g. drip filter coffee), to emulsion-like (e.g. Nordic boiled coffee) to thick suspensions (e.g. Greek/Turkish style brew). Espresso coffee is a very peculiar beverage in terms of co-existing heterophases. In facts, in addition to be characterized by all the above mentioned features it is recognized by its unique foam layer. Variations in the preparation variables (e.g. coffee blend, roasting, grinding, water temperature and pressure, percolation time and/or beverage volume etc.) can dramatically alter the “cup result” not only in terms of taste, flavour and mouthfeel (chemical composition) but also in terms of the characteristics of the different phases present in the beverage (foam, emulsion, suspension and solution) and then on the beverage physical properties. The present work is intended to offer an overview on the physical properties of espresso coffee and the correlations with its sensory perception.

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Luciano Navarini is the Head of Research & Scientific Coordination at illycaffè S.p.A. a leading Italian coffee roasting company. He graduated in Chemistry at the University of Trieste (Italy) and he collaborated with several industrial R&D departments (pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food sector) and national and international Research institutions. He spent two years as an Associate Expert in Chemistry of the International Centre for High Science and Technology of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization. He is active in several research fields including food and coffee chemistry, carbohydrates, polysaccharides and biopolymers, physicochemical properties and sensory perception.

Contact :
Dr. Luciano Navarini
Research & Scientific Coordination ILLY CAFE
illycaffè s.p.a
via Flavia 110
I 34147 Trieste