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Domain wall dynamics in thin magnetic wires

R. Varga, Univerity Kosice, Slovaquie

Domain wall dynamics in thin magnetic wires is used in modern spintronic devices to store or transfer information [1,2]. The speed of such devices is determined by the domain wall velocity.

Extremely fast domain wall has been observed in glass-coated microwires [3,4]. They are composite materials that consist of metallic nucleus (diameter from 100nm up to 50µm) covered by glass coating (thickness from 2-20 µm). The domain wall velocity can exceed 10 km/s. It is believed that at least three reasons are responsible for such fast domain wall [5]. Firstly, it is very low domain wall damping. Secondly, it is a presence of two perpendicular anisotropies. Finally, it is a special domain structure that covers the domain wall from pinning on the surface.

In the given talk, the influence of each above mentioned parameters on the domain wall dynamics will be treated. A general way how to build material with fast and stable domain wall dynamics will be given. Starting from amorphous materials having very fast domain wall up to the nanocrystalline materials with fast domain wall dynamics that is stable over wide temperature range [6]. Finally, the treatment to obtain stable domain wall dynamics with the domain wall having velocity up to 18 km/s will be shown.



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