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Supra 2011, a levitating year

In 2011, for the 100th anniversary of the discovery of superconductivity, french physics researchers have decided to show to the public what superconductivity is and why they are so passionate about it. More than 100 physicists from 18 labs together with 8 science museums have offered more than 80 superconducting parties, conferences, street animations, exhibits and happenings in about 30 cities all over France !


Researchers from the LPS with the help of the RTRA Triangle de la Physique and the SFP have actively participated to many of these events on national scale with the CNRS and in Orsay with the Universite Paris Sud. They helped to develop a website, a movie, and an exhibit to explain all you want to know about superconductivity. They initiated a collaboration with a design school, the ENSCI, to create 10 futurist projects which were shown in the first french science museum Cité des Sciences. In Orsay University, they proposed live amazing levitation experiments to students, such as the Möbius levitating ring or the liquid nitrogen “meringues “. And last but not least, they developped with l’ENSCI a levitating Eiffel Tower which was shown to more than 20 000 people in front of the true Eiffel Tower !


This superconductivity year was a great occasion for researchers of the LPS to meet a very large audience, including children, students, families and seniors . The enthusiasm and the curiosity the public showed for such fundamental physics is a strong motivation for us to do it again and again in the future !



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