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Optical Near-Field Control and Nanoscale Coherent Spectroscopy

The combination of ultra-short laser excitation, pulse shaping and
photoemission electron microscopy (PEEM) opens a new realm for the
investigation of plasmonic and nanophotonic excitations. Following a general introduction into the field of ultrafast nanooptics in this seminar our recent work on coherent control of nanooptical excitations [1] and a new type of nanoscale coherent spectroscopy [2] is covered. Polarization pulse shaping allows for flexible spatiotemporal control of nanophotonic excitations. Different control schemes and examples are presented. Besides excitation control the locally recorded photoelectrons reveal properties of collective excitations in nanostructures via a modified coherent 2D spectroscopy scheme. As examples long-living (150 fs) plasmonic resonances on a corrugated silver film and light trapping states in thin-film silicon solar cells are discussed.

[1] Nature 446 (2007) 301.

[2] Science 333 (2011) 1723.



Since May 2006, Walter Pfeiffer is Professor (W2) for Ultrafast Laser Spectroscopy at the University Bielefeld.