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Trapping and Injecting Single Domain Walls in Magnetic Microwire by Local Fields

Manuel Vázquez, Institute of Materials Science of Madrid

Our latest results on the controlled motion of a single domain wall, DW, in cylindrical magnetic wire under the action of local fields are presented. A single domain depins from the end of the wire with longitudinal magnetic anisotropy under the action of a homogeneous magnetic field. The micrometric-scale local magnetization profile at that depinning region has been experimentally determined by magneto-optical Kerr effect magnetometry.

Further, the single DW propagates along the microwire at linearly increasing velocity under increasing the field amplitude. Present experiments show that the DW can be braked and finally trapped at a given position when an additional antiparallel local magnetic field is applied. That position and its velocity are controlled by tuning of the local field. In turn, the effective wall speed at long distance is not significantly affected by a parallel local field of small amplitude, although its suitable tuning allows one the injection of pairs of tail-to-tail and head-to-head domain walls moving in opposite directions when that field is strong enough.

- M. Vazquez, G.A. Basheed, G. Infante, and R.P. del Real, Phys. Rev. Letters 108, 037201 (2012)