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Programme de la conférence


Jeudi 25 Octobre 2012

13h00 Accueil autour d’un café
13h30 Jacques Friedel Introduction
14h00 Arthur J. Epstein The Role of Coulomb Repulsion in Organic Semiconductors for V[TCNE] and its Resulting Ferromagnetism
14h30 Enric Canadell Understanding low-dimensional conductors : role of band structure calculations
15h00 Lazlo Forro Organics forever !
15h30 Pause café
16h00 Sylvain Ravy T Defects in CDW studied by X-ray diffraction and coherent diffraction
16h30 Vita Ilakovac Low dimensional systems with electron correlations probed by synchrotron light spectroscopy
17h00 Sylvain Petit Hybrid modes in multiferroic : study by polarised inelastic neutron scattering
17h30 Claude Bourbonnais Les sels de Bechgaard comme archétype d’une supraconductivité induite par les fluctuations magnétiques
18h00 Yoshio Nogami My good memory in Orsay and what I inherited from Jean-Paul Pouget
18h30 Fin de session et Discussions autour d’un verre


Vendredi 26 Octobre 2012


8h00 Accueil autour d’un café
8h45 Antoine Georges Plenary talk on DMFT calculations in highly correlated electronic systems
9h15 Maurice Rice The Metal - Insulator Transitions in VO2
9h45 Patrick Batail Crystalline molecular rotors
10h15 Michael Lang Effects of charge ordering in organic charge-transfer salts
10h45 Pause café
11h15 Claude Coulon Electronic phase transitions in TMTTF salts : reflexions over 30 years
11h45 Sylvia Tomic Charge Dynamics in Condensed Matter Systems with Strong Correlations
12h15 Olivier Perez Structural analysis vs temperature of the tungsten phosphate bronzes : a new departure
12h45 Jean-Paul Pouget Personal remarks
13h00 Dominique Chandesris Conclusions
13h10 Cocktail et buffet convivial