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Two researchers from the LPS winners price of Academy of sciences

Two researchers from the LPS winners price of Academy of sciences

Henri Alloul and André Thiaville awarded by the Academy of Science.


Henri Alloul receives the prize "Science and Innovation"of COMMISSARIAT A L’ÉNERGIE ATOMIQUE



Henri Alloul has been a pioneer of pulsed magnetic resonance, a technique he introduced in 1964 at the Laboratoire de Physique des Solides in Orsay. The price has been awarded for his contribution in the area of strongly correlated fermions, at the root of new states in electronic systems. Henri Alloul’s research activity is characterized by the combination of state of the art local techniques (NMR) and in-depth analysis of physical phenomena. He always favoured the spirit of discovery, working on themes in which physical experiences are indicative of original phenomena rather than on systems designed to verify established theories.


André Thiaville received the JEAN PROTAS Prize



André Thiaville, experimentalist and theoretician in the field of the micromagnetism, is internationally known for his work on the structure and dynamics of magnetic objects like magnetic walls, Bloch points, Néel’s lignes, vortex... Today its recent works on the motion of magnetic walls induced by electric current in spin-polarized are making authority in scientific community.


Congratulations to both of them!