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Séminaire de Matthieu Roché

Production of nanoemuslions by bursting bubbles

Matthieu Roché

Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Princeton University, USA

Production of nanoemuslions by bursting bubbles.

An air bubble sitting at an air-water interface has a finite lifetime, after which it bursts. The dynamics of the bursting of the bubble is important to understand many processes such as the stability of foams, the growth and death of cells during culture, and interfacial phenomena in the ocean such as water-to-air mass transport and removal of layers of pollutants. In the last case, bubble bursting leads to the dispersion of small droplets in the atmosphere either through the emission of a jet which experiences Rayleigh-Plateau instability or through the destabilization of the rim of the hole. Today, I will show that bubble bursting at a triple interface can also be used to produce of dispersions of droplets with a size typically in the hundred-nm range. I will introduce some elements of the mechanism underlying the dispersion of these small droplets, and tentatively discuss how the size of the droplets is set.