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Séminaire de Juho Lintuvuori

Simulations of colloidal particles in liquid crystals

Juho Lintuvuori

School of Physics and Astronomy University of Edinburgh
The King’s Buildings JCMB(2607) Mayfield Road, Edinburgh EH9 3JZ

Simulations of colloidal particles in liquid crystals

When colloidal particles are immersed into a liquid crystal they locally frustrate the orientational order. This generates defects, which can be lines or points, near the particle surface, giving a rise to elastic interactions between nearby particles. At close separations these defects can interact and entangle creating a multiple metastable configurations. These elastic effects can affect the dynamics of the colloidal particle and further, these systems can have interest for applications in view point of new self-assembled materials eg. soft gels, colloidal and photonic crystals and possibly glasses.

In this talk I will present some recent examples of lattice Boltzmann simulations of colloidal particles immersed in liquid crystals. Time permitting, these can include a simulation predictions of active microrheology experiments for single particle and a dimer in cholesteric liquid crystal. A joint experimental and simulation study of colloidal particles immersed into nematic liquid crystal, which leads to very strong gel held together by a percolating disclination network and a study of colloidal particles trapped on the interface between isotropic fluid (oil in our case) and cholesteric liquid crystal.