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Séminaire de Meik RANFT

Polymer dispersions - synthesis, rheology and applications

Dr. Meik Ranft
Department of Material Physics & Analytics
BASF SE, Germany

Polymer dispersions – Synthesis, Rheology & Applications
We encounter polymer dispersions every day without being aware. We look at them, we touch them, sometimes we sit on them and from time to time we stand on them. This presentation will give a little insight into the world of polymer dispersions. It will cover aspects about the synthesis of these polymer colloids, their rheology and their applications.
Polymer dispersions can be synthesized through many ways. The dominating method used at an industrial scale is the emulsion polymerization. The mechanistic understanding of the emulsion polymerization process is important because the application properties are determined both by the used feedstock and the production conditions.
The focus within this presentation is put on the colloidal stability, the rheological properties of polymer dispersions and the interaction of the polymer colloids with dissolved polymers.
The rheological behaviour of polymer dispersions is of particular interest during the applications. Various applications will be presented and also special rheological requirements that polymer dispersions have to fulfill therein.