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Séminaire de David Lacoste

Shape matters in protein mobility within membranes

Shape matters in protein mobility within membranes

David Lacoste

UMR Gulliver, ESPCI, Paris

Lateral Brownian diffusion of proteins in lipid membranes has been predicted by Saffman and Delbrück to depend only on protein size and on the viscosity of the membrane and of the surrounding medium. Using a single molecule tracking (SPT) technique on two trans-membrane proteins that bend the membrane differently and are reconstituted in Giant Unilamellar Vesicles, we show that the mobility of a membrane protein is crucially dependent on the local membrane deformation self-generated around the protein, which can be tuned by adjusting the membrane tension. The feedback between membrane shaping and mobility is well explained by an analytical and numerical model that includes the friction of the deformed membrane patch with the surrounding medium and the friction internal to the bilayer.