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"Physics reimagined" : A new team at the LPS

In 2013, a new team emerged at LPS : "Physics Reimagined", specialized in outreach. It is composed of researchers who try to reimagine new ways of showing physics, and especially research in condensed matter, to the general public. This team collaborates with other researchers from LPS as well as graphic designers, designers, web-designers, science museums, students, teachers...

Among the recent productions of the team, one can find a superconducting circus, 3D animations to illustrate basic principles of quantum physics, a project about quantum physics as seen by designers, some famous science graphs explained to laymen, or folding hands-on about recent discoveries of solid state physics. These productions are available free to anyone in French and English. They are also tested in front of various audiences during the many events organized by that team (talks in high schools, conferences, animations, fairs...)

Figure : Superconducting circus, discovering graphene by folding, animation from the website ToutEstQuantique


This team develops innovative teachings and trainings such as this new outreach teaching for undergraduate students, or trainings at the lab for highschool physics teachers. The team also develops an academic research in collaboration with researchers from human and social sciences about these new communication and teaching tools, which ends up in peer-review articles.

Finally, the members of the team actively participate to help build a network from local to international scale, starting in the plateau de Saclay through La Diagonale Paris-Saclay, and leading to international collaborations for best-practice exchanges about outreach and engagement issues among researchers.

In brief, this new LPS group proposes to build up a research activity in a physics lab, led by researchers from the field of condensed matter physics, to help engage the general public, and especially youngers, with modern research in this field.

The team is supported by the Université Paris-Sud through the Chair "La Physique Autrement".