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Ivan K. SCHULLER - University of California

Why Physics : Beyond Atom Bombs and Big Bangs, Nanoscience

Physics has evolved as a discipline by asking
fundamental questions about the universe. While
some of the questions regarding the beginning and
end of the universe are well known and publicized,
what it is not commonly known that asking similar
questions at or above the atomic level have lead to
major scientific revolutions. I will describe in this
talk how condensed matter physics at sizes
approaching atomic dimensions (“nanostructures”)
is revolutionizing basic research in physics,
chemistry and biology. When the size of a material
approaches that of an atom its properties change
radically. New, yet unobserved properties appear
caused by the presence of atoms on the surface
and by the fact that many of the electrons reside
outside these nanostructures. For instance ;
magnetic materials cease to be so, gold becomes
chemically active, the sensitivity of oxides to light
increases greatly and materials with properties
non-existent in nature may be synthesized. The
new physics evolving from this research may lead
to novel applications which cannot be predicted at
present, but which surely will revolutionize
electronics, medicine, and engineering. This talk,
accessible to non-experts, will be dedicated to
highlighting the recent scientific advances in the
field and possible new directions.



Prof. Ivan K. Schuller, the director of the
Center for Advanced Nanoscience
(CAN) at the University of California-
SanDiego, is a Solid State Physicist. He
is winner of major awards such as the
Lawrence Award from the US
Department of Energy, and several
awards from the American Physical
Society, the Materials Research Society
and the International Union of
Materials Research Societies. He has
also won several EMMY and other
television awards for his science
related movies.