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Séminaire de Jérôme Mathé

The richness of the eye of a needle

The richness of the eye of a needle

Jérôme Mathé

Laboratoire LAMBE – Université d’Evry val d’Essonne Group Matériaux Polymères aux Interfaces

It sounds difficult to thread a macromolecule through a nanoscale eye of a needle. It is in fact a quite easy task, thanks to the macromolecule physical properties. This principle of threading a polymer chain trough a nanoscale hole is used in the so-called nanopore technique. I will present this technique and its developments through various kind of investigations : starting from polymers physics, to DNA sequencing, via nucleic acids unzipping or protein unfolding.
These studies on the threading of a molecule in a nanopore in order to analyse its properties (shape, charge, structure, stability…) are not the only possibilities of this rich concept. One can, for instance, use it to form complexes involving single molecules. I will thus finally show how the nanopores can be developed toward a powerful tool to produce or analyse various nano-objetcts.