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The Luckhurst-Samulski prize was awarded to Pawel Pieranski

The Luckhurst-Samulski Prize, awarded each year for the best article published in Liquid Crystals, was bestowed on Pawel Pieranski and his co-authors !

From the editorial of “Liquid Crystals” ,vol. 41, issue 11, 2014 :

“I am delighted to report that the 2013 Luckhurst-Samulski Prize has been awarded to Pawel Pieranski and his colleagues for their paper entitled Generation of umbilics by magnets and flows. Geoffrey Luckhurst announced this decision and presented the Prize to Professor Pieranski at a ceremony held at the 25th International Liquid Crystals Conference held in Dublin, Ireland. This paper differs from the others on this year’s shortlist, and indeed from the previous prizewinners, by being essentially pedagogical and as such was considered by the Selection Committee to make an important contribution into the subject. The paper demonstrates beautifully the generation of defects in liquid crystals, their interactions with external fields and the visualization of magnetic fields by means of liquid crystals. It is an absolute pleasure to read and will clearly advance our understanding of a fascinating element of liquid crystal behaviour. I would strongly encourage everybody, irrespective of their scientific background, to read this paper.[…]”

Corrie T. Imrie, Chief Editor of “Liquid Crystals”


View of umbilics generated at random


This class-room experiment can be used during lectures on various subjects such as : liquid crystals, magnetism, optical anisotropy, light interference, topological defects in systems with broken symmetries, etc.


Contact : Pawel Pieranski

Reference :
Generation of umbilics by magnets and flows
P. Pieranski, B. Yang , L.-J. Burtz, A. Camu and F. Simonetti
Liquid Crystals 40, 1593-1608 (2013).