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Henri Alloul is Doctor Honoris Causa of Kazan Federal University

Henri Alloul, research director at the LPS, was awarded the Doctor Honoris Causa degree by Kazan Federal University (Russia) in recognition of his work on cuprates, particularly the discovery of the pseudogap and the use of impurities to reveal the strength of electronic correlations.

Twenty-five years ago, Henri Alloul met professor Mihail Teplov, who was leading in Kazan the Solid state Magnetic resonance group and performing quite original experiments. Their common interests were triggered by the discovery of High Temperature Superconductivity (HTSC). Notably, electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) had been discovered in Kazan by professor Zavoitsky in 1944. Since then, Kazan University has been the leading university in Russia for the development and use of magnetic resonance techniques in all fields of science.

The difficulties created for the Russian team by the fall of the USSR prompted a collaboration between the experimental teams of professors Alloul and Teplov, employing complementary magnetic resonance techniques to study HTSC. Various sources of financial support have helped them strengthen the collaboration over the years and progressively involve post-docs and students in the exchanges.

The unfortunate early death of professor Teplov in 1998 did not stop this collaboration, which was continued with professor Alexander Dooglav and stayed mostly devoted to HTSC. A long postdoctoral stay of I. Mukhamedshin in Orsay initiated a new research topic on cobaltates, which are layered oxides with a triangular structure displaying quite original electronic, magnetic and thermoelectric properties. The Orsay and Kazan groups could perform quite complementary experiments on this topic, a situation which is still ongoing and has permitted to develop recently in Kazan a material research group.

To honor the strength of this scientific collaboration and to underline the quality of the work produced, the scientific council of Kazan Federal University awarded Henri Alloul a Doctor Honoris Causa degree. At the ceremony, which took place in June 2014, the Dean of the university emphasized the work performed by H. Alloul using NMR techniques on cuprates, particularly the discovery of the pseudogap and the use of impurities to reveal the strength of electronic correlations. Henri Alloul gave a general public conference underlining and popularizing his interest on correlated electron physics, which is one of the cutting edge topics in solid state physics nowadays.

By this honorary degree, and by inviting professor Alloul to become a member of the International Scientific Committee of the University, the rector of Kazan Federal University signals the interest of the University in sustaining collaborations with the highest quality universities and research institutes in the world. Henri Alloul will of course dedicate his efforts to expanding the exchanges between Kazan and the newly founded Paris-Saclay university.