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Daniele Fausti - Trieste, Italy

Witnessing quasi-particles in a strongly correlated electron system



In this presentation I will focus on the interaction between phonons and high-energy
excitation of electronic origin in cuprates. I will first review our recent results in archetypal
strongly correlated charge-transfer insulator (La2CuO4) revealing that the interaction between
electrons and bosons manifest itself directly in the photo-excitation processes of correlated
materials and pilots the formation of itinerant quasi-particles which are suddenly dressed
(<100 fs) by an ultrafast reaction of the bosonic field. In the second part I will introduce new
ideas to address by quantum optics techniques the time domain response of correlated
electron systems. I will introduce Time Resolved Quantum State Reconstruction and show
how this provide a new perspective for time domain studies of quasiparticles in strongly
correlated electron systems.