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Séminaire de Jon Owen

Luminescent Colloidal Quantum Dots : From Solid State Lighting to Imaging of Action Potentials in Nervous Tissue

Prof Jonathan Owen

Columbia University

I will describe our studies of nanocrystal nucleation and growth and the utility of brightly photoluminescent quantum dots for lighting and fluorescence imaging of action potentials. First, I will present a library of derivatized thiourea and selenourea precursors whose wide range of reactivity adjusts the metal chalcogenide formation kinetics. Using this library we observe a well-defined relationship between solute supply and the concentration of nanocrystals allowing a desired nanocrystal size to be obtained in quantitative yield. Second, I will describe a novel synthesis of graded alloy nanocrystals using this approach and how such structures might be used to directly image membrane potential in nervous tissue and to increase the energy efficiency of solid state lighting based on light emitting diodes.


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