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Séminaire de A. Tufaile

Cylindrical crystallography with hard spheres and hard disks, from bubbles to phyllotaxis.

Light scattering in foams

Adriana P. B. Tufaile and Alberto Tufaile

Escola de Artes, Ciências e Humanidades Universidade de São Paulo

We explore some concepts of chaotic dynamics and wave light transport in foams. Using some experiments, we obtained the main features of light intensity distribution through foams. The nonlinear geometry of the foam structure was explored in order to create optical elements, such as hyperbolic prisms and filters. We reported a new simple optical element to generate halos. We have observed interesting patterns of light scattering in Plateau borders in foams. In analogy to the atmospheric phenomena known as parhelic circle, sun dogs, and sun pillars, we have named the features of the patterns observed as parlaseric circle, laser dogs, and laser pillars. The triangular symmetry of the Plateau borders is analogous to the hexagonal symmetry of ice crystals which produce these atmospheric phenomena. Working with one Plateau border at a time, we have observed wave optics phenomena that are not perceived in the atmospheric phenomena, such as diffraction and interference. These results are reported in Physics Letters A :


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