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Publications récentes

Voici la liste des publications les plus récentes du laboratoire :


  • Kwok S, Botet R, Sharpnack L, Cabane B. Apollonian packing in polydisperse emulsions. Soft Matter. 2020;16(10):2426-2430.

  • Dabat T, Porion P, Hubert F, et al. Influence of preferred orientation of clay particles on the diffusion of water in kaolinite porous media at constant porosity. Applied Clay Science. 2020;184:105354. Available at: Consulté janvier 16, 2020.

  • Do S-P’heng, Missaoui A, Coati A, et al. From Chains to Monolayers: Nanoparticle Assembly Driven by Smectic Topological Defects. Nano Letters. 2020;20(3):1598-1606. Available at: Consulté mai 7, 2020.

  • Li J, Jimenez-Calvo P, Paineau E-N. Metal Chalcogenides Based Heterojunctions and Novel Nanostructures for Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution. 2020;89(10):1-21.

  • Semeraro EF, Hengl N, Karrouch M, et al. Layered organization of anisometric cellulose nanocrystals and beidellite clay particles accumulated near the membrane surface during cross-flow ultrafiltration: In situ SAXS and ex situ SEM/WAXD characterization. Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects. 2020;584:124030. Available at: Consulté octobre 9, 2019.

  • Cuif J‐P, Dauphin Y, Luquet G, et al. Non‐spherical pearl layers in the Polynesian ‘black‐lipped’ <i>Pinctada margaritifera</i> : The non‐nacreous deposits compared to microstructure of the shell growing edge. Aquaculture Research. 2020;51(2):506-522.

  • Ferreiro-Córdova C, Royall CP, van Duijneveldt JS. Anisotropic viscoelastic phase separation in polydisperse hard rods leads to nonsticky gelation. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 2020:201909357.

  • Bareigts G, Kiatkirakajorn P-C, Li J, et al. Packing Polydisperse Colloids into Crystals: When Charge-Dispersity Matters. Physical Review Letters. 2020;124(5):058003.

  • Ehlen N, Hell M, Marini G, et al. Origin of the Flat Band in Heavily Cs-Doped Graphene. ACS Nano. 2020;14(1):1055-1069.

  • Yang F, Perrin V, Petrescu A, Garate I, Le Hur K. From topological superconductivity to quantum Hall states in coupled wires. Physical Review B. 2020;101(8):085116.

  • Kwok S, Botet R, Shglabow A, Cabane B. Apollonian emulsions. EPL (Europhysics Letters). 2020;130(3):38001.

  • Verrier A, Bert F, Parent JM, et al. Canted antiferromagnetic order in the kagome material Sr-vesignieite. Physical Review B. 2020;101(5):054425.

  • Khuntia P, Velazquez M, Barthélemy Q, et al. Gapless ground state in the archetypal quantum kagome antiferromagnet ZnCu3(OH)6Cl2. Nature Physics. 2020. Available at: Consulté février 27, 2020.

  • Miguet J, Pasquet M, Rouyer F, Fang Y, Rio E. Stability of big surface bubbles: impact of evaporation and bubble size. Soft Matter. 2020;16(4):1082-1090.

  • Galvão Tizei LH, Amato M. Electronic structure and optical properties of semiconductor nanowires polytypes. The European Physical Journal B. 2020;93(1):16.