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M. Morgenstern - Aachen, Germany

Spin-orbit interaction probed down to nm length scales

Using low-temperature scanning tunneling microscopy at
temperatures down to 400 mK and in magnetic fields up to 14 T,
consequences of the spin-orbit interaction are probed in real space.
Firstly, I will show that a stack of graphene-like lattices made of
heavy metal atoms (Bi14Rh3I9) exhibits the topological band
inversion originally anticipated for graphene [1], but with a band
gap of 300 meV instead of 0.02 meV [2], such that robust edge
states only 0.8 nm in width are found at each step edge of the
material [3].
Secondly, I will show that a Rashba parameter of a=0.8 eVÅ on
average fluctuates by about 25 % on the 50 nm length scale within a
two-dimensional electron system of the prototype material InSb,
which would limit spin dephasing significantly even in a ballistic
Finally, I will show spin polarized photoelectron spectroscopy data
of the novel bulk Rashba system GeTe, where bulk bands close to
the Fermi level are Rashba-split by ferroelectricity [3].

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