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Chiara Cavallari - Institut L. Langevin, Grenoble & University of Parma

Local structure and dynamics of hydrogen in defective graphene

Understanding the adsorption of hydrogen atoms on grapheme is of fundamental importance in a number of fields as diverse as nanoelectronics, hydrogen storage and interstellar chemistry and it is closely linked to the controversial issue of its mobility at the carbon surface.
In this presentation, I will discuss the dynamics of atomic hydrogen, bonded at the surface of chemically produced defective graphene, as probed by inelastic neutron scattering (INS). The behavior of hydrogen on to the graphene planes appears strongly dependent on the specificity of the sample, namely the presence of surface defects, synthesis, manipulation and hydrogenation conditions. I will show that the hydrogen local environment can be efficiently investigated thanks to its influence on the dynamics of hydrogen itself.
Finally, I will discuss the evolution in function of temperature of the neutron spectra, in perspective of the results obtained by NMR.


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