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A comic-strip illustrator embedded with physicists

The "Physics Reimagined” research team of LPS invited illustrator Heloise Chochois to spend four months in the laboratory with physicists and describe their world in comics. She was in contact with the physicists, the researchers, the students, and the PhD students in order to capture the many facets of this world. She took part in a synchrotron experiment, followed a physics course, spent a few days alongside a PhD student in a lab, attended conferences, and shared many other moments of the physicists’ life. From all these moments, she created a nine-episode comic book as well as an exhibition. These stories have now been widely viewed on the Internet and will be the subject of several exhibitions in 2016 in France, at the Palais de la Découverte, in our university, or in high schools and science centers.

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In the same spirit, the "Physics Reimagined” team is developing new outreach tools and media to engage with the general public, especially young people, and to offer them a new vision of modern physics, closer to the researchers and the labs [1]. The team is also involved in collaborative research programs with researchers from humanities and science education to try to decipher and better understand what is at play in these new forms of science communication [2] [3].

[2] ANR program Descitech.
[3] Objets de médiation de la science et objets de design. Le cas du projet Design Quantique. C. Jutant, J. Bobroff, Communication et Langages, 9, 183 (2015).

Contact : Julien Bobroff