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Alessandro Siria - E.N.S.

Nano assembling for condensed matter : fluidics and mechanics at the nanoscale

Over the last decades, science at the nanometre scale has been subject of very intensive studies. Pushed by the race of discovering new exotic behaviours of matter at smallest scale, nanotechnology has seen a tremendous development and new tools, that would have been considered impossible to obtain only fifteen years ago, today are routinely used in research laboratories. New materials can be created and their properties tuned in a way that they can be considered, at least at the scale of fundamental research, as new building blocks for the realization of new functionalists in a wide range of domains such as electronics, tribology, mechanics, fluidics and even energy production or water treatment. One of a major accomplishment in these last years is the ability to manipulate matter at the molecular scale making possible to build object at the nanoscale with the suitable geometry and even electronic properties or chemical reactivity.

In this talk we revisit the accomplishment obtained in our group in the study of fluid transport inside individual nanotubes and we discuss the impact that nanofluidics can have for the energy production domain. In a different context we will show how our nano assembling route can offer new possibilities for the investigation of friction and tribology at the nanoscale.


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