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Séminaire de Matthias Schroeter

Jamming meets Friction

Jamming meets Friction
Matthias Schröter *, Jean-François Métayer, Frank Rietz, Max

Institute for Multiscale Simulation, FAU Erlangen, Germany

In recent years the Jamming paradigm has been promoted as a grand
unifying theory of particulate soft matter systems such as foams,
colloids, emulsions, and granular media. However, there exists a crucial
distinction : emulsions, foams, and colloids are in a good approximation
described as frictionless spheres. In contrast, most granular materials
like sand, snow, salt or sugar, are not comprised of spherical particles
and definitely possess inter-particle friction.

This talk will use 3D imaging techniques such as X-ray tomography to
provide insight into the mechanical stability of tetrahedra packings,
the volume response of sheared granular media, and the first order phase
transition occurring at Random Close Packing. We will show that in non
of these three examples the underlying physics is adequately described
by the Jamming paradigm.


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