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The "Taste for science" award for the "Physics Reimagined" research team

The "taste for science" award was attributed to Julien Bobroff and Charlotte Arene from the "Physics Reimagined" team for the movie "the researcher’s article". This award is attributed each year by the French Ministry of research and higher education for an initiative of popularization of science led by researchers.

This animated film was directed by Charlotte Arene during an internship at our lab. She worked with physicists from our team and from the lab to try to describe what a scientific discovery is, and how researchers publish it. The scientific article was both the topic and the animation material for this movie. This film was shot image by image during three months, requiring more than 5000 pictures !

The movie is now widely used on the internet, in high schools, in science museums and in festivals. A second movie was created this summer, once again by Charlotte and by LPS physicists from the groups "Physics Reimagined", "Liquid Interfaces", "Adhesion, friction and polymers".

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