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"Photoémission dans les solides" by Antonio Tejeda and Daniel Malterre

Antonio Tejeda and Daniel Malterre (IJL, Nancy) have just published the first French book on photoemission. Photoemission is a spectroscopic technique that allows to study the physicochemical properties of surfaces as well as their electronic properties, as it measures the band structure of materials.

This book introduces the main concepts of the photoemission technique : core level photoemission and valence band photoemission. It also presents a variety of recent developments on nowadays subjects. Two readings are possible. There is an elementary level based on a one-electron approach to understand qualitatively the interest of this spectroscopy. There is also a deeper level based on a many-electron approach allowing to study interactions in condensed matter physics.

This book has been conceived for a broad audience, from undergraduate students for the more elementary aspects to specialized researchers on the technique in the presentation of concepts and application examples.

Reference :

Photoémission dans les solides : Concepts et applications
by Antonio Tejeda and Daniel Malterre
EDP Sciences, collection QuinteSciences, November 2015

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Antonio Tejeda