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Topological superconductivity on magnetic adatom lattices

Teemu Ojanen

The pursuit for topological superconductivity advances on many parallel routes. A promising recently studied realization consists of collections of magnetic adatoms deposited on top of a superconducting surface. Magnetic impurities on a superconductor bind a subgap states that have relatively wide-spread wavefunctions. It has been theoretically shown that lattices of hybridized impurity states offer various mechanism of topological superconductivity in 1d and 2d geometries. In my talk I will briefly review the physics of magnetic impurities on a superconductor and then consider lattices of ferromagnetically aligned impurities on a surface with a spin-orbit coupling. In 1d chain the system may support a few topological phases with Majorana end states [1]. Strikingly, in 2d geometry the system may support dozens of distinctive topological phases with high Chern numbers [2]. I will discuss how the 2d magnetic adatom lattice provides one of the richests platforms of topological matter known to date [3].

[1] K. Pöyhönen, A. Westström, T. Ojanen arXiv:1509.05223.
[2] J. Röntynen, T. Ojanen Phys. Rev. Lett. 114, 236803 (2015)
[3] J. Röntynen, T. Ojanen, arXiv:1511.07232.

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