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Transport in systems of quantum wires, topological insulators and superconductors


LPS, Bât. 510, Orsay, salle 161

The talk will primarily consist of two parts : (i) Charge pumping one dimensional systems and (ii) transport in topological insulator- superconductor junctions. (i) Charge pumping in periodically driven closed and open one-dimensional systems have been studied [1]. While a generic closed system described by purely unitary time evolution never reaches a steady state, an open system under periodic driving can reach a steady state. The charge current time averaged over a long time is a measure of charge pumping in these systems and can be calculated by an exact formula. A special class of scatterers where in the instantaneous transmission amplitude at all times is exponentially suppressed can still pump a quantum of charge in one full cycle when periodically modulated. A possible realization of this situation in topological insulators will be discussed. (ii) A junction formed by surfaces of three-dimensional topological insulators with a two-dimensional p-wave superconductor is interesting since such a set-up can drive a non-zero spin current into the superconductor. Results on zero-bias peak in charge conductance and novel satellite peak in spin-conductance in such a set-up will be discussed [2]. (iii) If time permits, a recent work on crossed Andreev reflection will be briefly discussed at the end.

References : 1. A. Soori and D. Sen, Phys. Rev. B 82, 115432 (2010). 2. A. Soori, O. Deb, K. Sengupta and D. Sen, Phys. Rev. B 87, 245435 (2013).

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