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Non-symmetrized noise in a quantum dot : Interpretation in terms of energy transfer and coherent superposition of scattering paths - Adeline Crépieux

CPT Marseille

Bât T-18 – Parc Club Orsay

Usually considered as a nuisance, the noise is nevertheless the subject of fruitful researches since many years. In particular, the electrical current fluctuations bring precious information on the dynamics of the charges in nanodevices. In this context, we have calculated the non-symmetrized noise in a non-interacting quantum dot connected to two reservoirs by using the non-equilibrium Keldysh Green function technique. We have identified the different energy transfer processes involved in each contribution to the auto-correlator and highlighted the fact that when there are several physical processes, the contribution results from a coherent superposition of scattering paths. We have also calculated the mixed noise, defined as the correlator between the electrical and thermal currents, and have established its relations to the thermoelectric efficiency.


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