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Hierarchical Self-Assembly of Gold Nanoparticles into Patterned Plasmonic Nanostructures - Cyrille Hamon

Donostia, Spain

The integration of nanoparticle superstructures into daily life applications faces major challenges including the simplification of the self-assembly process, reduced cost and scalability. It is however often difficult to improve on one aspect without losing on another.1 We present a bench-top method that allows patterning a macroscopic substrate with gold nanoparticle supercrystals in a one-step process. The method allows parallelization and patterned substrates can be made with high throughput. The self-assembly of a variety of building blocks into crystalline superstructures takes place upon solvent evaporation and their precise placement over millimeter scale areas is induced by confinement of the colloidal suspension in micron sized cavities. We mainly focus on gold nanorods and demonstrate their hierarchical organization up to the device scale. The height of the formed nanorod supercrystals can be tuned by simply varying nanorod concentration, so that the topography of the substrate and the resulting optical properties can be readily modulated. The crystalline order of the nanorods results in homogeneous and high electric field enhancements over the assemblies, which is demonstrated by SERS spectroscopy.2 The versatility of this patterned substrate fabrication method opens new avenues for the design of multi-functional platforms.3 Some recent work will also be presented where the impregnation of the supercrystals with mesoporous silica results in improved mechanical properties and improved SERS detection while allowing the percolation of only small molecules through the nanopores. Applications towards biology have been carried out recently where quorum sensing molecules (QS) produced by bacterias were detected at low concentration.

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