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Single crystal growth of boron nitride and its properties - Kenji Watanabe

Tsukuba Ibaraki, JAPAN

Au Parc Club - Bât 23/25 - Orsay – Salle 215 – 1er étage

Boron nitride (BN) consists of a combination of boron and nitrogen atoms, the lightest elements among the III-V compounds [1]. The polymorphic structures fundamentally dominate the properties of BN, which are widely applicable in practical use. For instance, cubic phase of BN (c-BN), which is one of hard materials like diamond, is used for cutting tools for ferrous metal, and hexagonal phase (h-BN), which shows high thermal and chemical stability, is used for high temperature furnaces, high temperature lubricants and so on. These applications are widely recognized for both c- and h-BN. The advance of the growth technique for purified BN single crystals opened out other possibilities for optical and electronic device applications ; they led the detailed studies for the optical properties and p- and n-type doping for c-BN [2], while the strong exciton effects were found for purified h-BN [3], which were formerly hindered by impurities and defects levels. The single crystal growth of h-BN made it possible to obtain an atomically flat surface by exfoliation technique as obtaining graphene. It can be used for an ideal substrate for graphene and other 2D materials to study two-dimensional electronic transport properties [4]. Atomic layer materials nowadays are yielding up many novel phenomena by employing this technique.

My talk will review the growth techniques and optical properties of those BN polymorphs, and discuss future challenges for applications.

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