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On the coupling between elasticity and dry friction - Patrick Ballard

Institut d’Alembert, Paris

When enforcing relative motion between two solids in contact with dry friction, one may face either steady or unsteady response of the solids. Common examples of unsteady response are the squeal, screech, judder, etc… At the time being, the understanding of (dry) friction and of its coupling with elasticity is not deep enough to enable to predict whether the response in a given situation or experiment is to be expected steady or not. Concrete examples where such a prediction would be of great value are numerous, though : disc brakes, violin cords, active geological faults, `lickers’ of electrical windows in cars, etc…

In the line of research which is going to be presented, choice is made to stick, in a first approximation, to the simplest empirical law of dry friction : that of Coulomb, and to go deeper into the consequences of its coupling with the elasticity of the materials at stake. The analysis will encompass both the instabilities and the universal singularities that this coupling contains.


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