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Quantum fluids of light - Cristiano Ciuti

Université Paris Diderot et CNRS

Au Parc Club - Bât 18/20 - Orsay

In this seminar, I will review theoretical and experimental advances
in the manybody physics of photons [1], including superfluid-like
propagation of light in nonlinear media. I will give an overview of
the recent frontier concerning non-equilibrium strongly correlated
quantum phases of light, which can be achieved in arrays of coupled
nonlinear cavities with giant nonlinearities (a promising platform is
offered by superconducting quantum circuits). In particular, I will
present the physics of photon fermionization in 1D arrays and quantum
Hall phases of light in 2D lattices with artificial gauge fields.
Perspectives and challenges will be discussed.

[1] I. Carusotto, C. Ciuti, Rev. Mod. Phys. 85, 299 (2013).


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