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Quantum charge pumps with topological phases in Creutz Ladder


Bat. 23-25, Salle 215, 1er étage

Quantum charge pumping phenomenon connects band topology through the dynamics of a one-dimensional quantum system. In terms of a microscopic model, the Su-Schrieffer-Heeger/Rice-Mele quantum pump continues to serve as a fruitful starting point for many considerations of topological physics. Here we present a generalized Creutz scheme as a distinct two-band quantum pump model. By noting that it undergoes two kinds of topological band transitions accompanying with a Zak-phase-difference of $\pi$ and $2\pi$, respectively, various charge pumping schemes are studied by applying an elaborate Peierl’s phase substitution. Translating into real space, the transportation of quantized charges is a result of cooperative quantum interference effect. In particular, an all-flux quantum pump emerges which operates with time-varying fluxes only and transports two charge units. This puts cold atoms with artificial gauge fields as an unique system where this kind of phenomena can be realized.

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