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Gap opening in graphene on nanostructured SiC and vicinal noble metal surfaces - Arlensiú CELIS

LPS - Université Paris-Sud

(LPS – Amphithéâtre moyen)

This thesis is dedicated to understanding the ways of opening band-gaps on graphene by nanostructuration with two approaches : the introduction of a superperiodic potential in graphene on vicinal noble metal substrates and the electronic confinement in artificially patterned nanoribbons on SiC. Superperiodic potentials on graphene have been introduced by two nanostructured substrates, Ir(332) and a multivicinal curved Pt(111). The superperiodic potential opens mini-gaps on the π band of graphene that are satisfactorily explained by a Dirachamiltonian model, which allows retrieving the potential strength. We have also studied the gap opening by electronic confinement in graphene nanoribbons grown on SiC sidewalls. We identified an unexpected minifaceting on the substrate consisting of a series of miniterraces and minifacets. We find that graphene is decoupled on top of the minifacets but exhibits a bandgap originated by electronic confinement due to their small size (1 - 2 nm width).


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