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Non-equilibrium superconductivity in driven alkali-doped fullerides

Giacomo Mazza

Ecole Polytechnique, Collège de France,
Salle de réunion 208a, 2eme étage aîle sud

The optical stimulation of solids by means of strong light pulses has opened new routes for the investigation of collective phenomena in quantum materials. In this talk I will consider the remarkable case of the experimental observations of a superconducting-like response in light-stimulated organic compound K3C60 above the equilibrium critical temperature [1]. In particular, I will discuss the non-equilibrium properties of a minimal multi-orbital model describing strongly correlated superconductivity in alkali-doped fullerides [2]. Following a recent theoretical proposal for superconductivity boosting in A3C60 systems [3], I will consider an orbital- and time- dependent modulation of the on-site interaction energies. I will show that this leads to the formation of a transient non-equilibrium superconducting state which survives much beyond the equilibrium critical temperature Tc and whose properties are strongly different from what expected by equilibrium considerations. I will show that this leads to a regime in which the driving induces a transient superconductive state beyond the equilibrium critical temperature while suppressing superconductivity for T<Tc. I relate this to the correlated nature of superconductivity in such systems and discuss possible implications of these theoretical results with respect to the experimental observations.

[1] M. Mitrano et al. Nature, 530, 7591 (2016)
[2] G. Mazza and A. Georges arXiv 1702.04675 (2017)
[3] M. Kim et al. PRB 94, 155152 (2016)


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