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Design of Majorana Edge States in Topological Superconductors

Dirk Morr

Séminaire général , Moyen Amphi à 11h

The experimental observation of Majorana bound states in topological superconductors represents a major breakthrough in realizing their applications in quantum computation. Recent proposals focusing on the creation of Majorana states on the edges of 2D magnetic (Shiba) islands have raised the question of whether Majorana states can be designed at the interface between complex magnetic structures and s-wave superconductors.

In this talk, I will demonstrate that it is possible to design Majorana modes by engineering the spatial and magnetic structure of Shiba islands located on the surface of s-wave superconductors. I show that by investigating the relation between local transport properties – as reflected in the spatial flow of charge – and global transport properties, one can identify characteristic transport properties of Majorana modes, such as a quantized conductance that is proportional to the Chern number. In addition, I demonstrate that topological low-energy edge modes carry a supercurrent whose chirality reflects the sign of the Chern number. Finally, I show that topological superconductors exhibit an uncon-ventional spatial structure of superconducting triplet correlations which can be both time reversal (TR) breaking and TR preserving within the same system.


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