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Photoinduced dynamics of electronic, structural and magnetic order in transition metal oxides - Elsa Abreu

ETH Zürich

LPS Bât 510 Moyen Amphi
14H (Attention horaire inhabituel !)

Complex materials exhibit a variety of different phases that arise from the competition between different degrees of freedom – electronic, structural, spin and orbital. Ultrafast techniques enable a selective investigation of the dynamical response of these different subsystems through a careful choice of pump and probe characteristics.

I will present results of our studies of different transition metal oxides using ultrafast pulses in the optical, THz and x-ray frequency ranges.

VO2, V2O3 and NdNiO3 present rich phase diagrams where electronic, structural and magnetic order compete and coexist. In particular, these compounds all exhibit an insulator-to-metal transition with increasing temperature. Tracking the THz conductivity following above (optical) and below (THz) bandgap excitation yields crucial information about the microscopic as well as the mesoscopic properties in these systems. I will present a comparative discussion of the electronic dynamics observed in these three materials, touching also upon structural dynamics measured using ultrafast hard x-ray pulses at an x-ray free electron laser facility.

TbMnO3 is a prototypical multiferroic, where ferroelectric polarization arises from a cycloidal magnetic order below 27 K. The prospect of electric field control of magnetization dynamics makes multiferroic systems


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