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The Grand Prix Servant of the Académie des Sciences awarded to Gilles Montambaux

Gilles Montambaux, a CNRS researcher at the Laboratoire de Physique des Solides, was awarded the Grand Prix Servant by the Académie des Sciences.

Gilles Montambaux is a theoretical physicist working on low-dimensional quantum systems (known as mesoscopic systems) and on the combined effects of disorder and interactions on the electronic properties of those systems. Among his most important works, we can find the explanation of cascading transitions under magnetic field in quasi-one-dimensional conductors, and a unified description of thermodynamic and transport properties of mesoscopic systems in the presence of disorder and interactions. More recently he contributed to the emergence of a new domain of “artificial graphenes” which are physical systems very different from graphene, in which a similar and richer physics is manifested, like cold atom lattices or photonic crystals. Gilles Montambaux is a theoretical physicist who maintains a strong link with experimentalists. He is also the author of a reference monograph in the domain of mesoscopic physics.

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